Gear VR: December Week 4 Release

Week 4 release for Gear VR consist of 5 paid apps and 3 free apps.

ASTEROIDS! Holiday Sneak Peek


HOLIDAY SNEAK PEEK: From the director of Madagascar, experience the highly-anticipated follow-up to the award-winning INVASION! Mac and Cheez, the two loveable, bumbling aliens from INVASION! are back with their robot sidekick Peas. Join them in outer space as they are attacked by teeth-gnashing space bugs and careening asteroids. From Baobab Studios, ASTEROIDS! is an official selection of Sundance Film Festival.

Publisher: Baobab Studios
Web Site:
Release Date: 20 December 2016

Deepak Chopra Finding Your True Self


Publisher: WEVR
Web Site:
Release Date: 21 December 2016

House of Meditation


Cerevrum Inc. is taking VR meditation to the next level and is offering a unique sophisticated experience of finding your inner self. Take a minute and ask yourself the following questions. How stressed are you feeling right now? Do you experience anxiety, frustration, exhaustion? Do you suffer from insomnia and/or lack of focus? In the contemporary world it is hard to keep up with its hectic pace. That’s why meditation is no longer just a hobby but a pure necessity. Embrace 8 astonishing visuals of a Japanese garden, a Tibetan room, wildfire, beach, underwater, Mars, a spaceship, and air floating. This beautiful scenery will take you to travel across the world and beyond in the split second. Complete 6 different sessions are guided both by a pleasant voice and an uplifting visual figure which will inspire you to breathe properly and develop right inner pacing. Better meditation – better life.

Publisher: CEREVRUM INC.
Web Site:
Release Date: 21 December 2016

John Terry Football Academy VR


John Terry – captain of Chelsea FC and former captain of England presents a virtual reality world first. The John Terry football academy is for those who wish to start their journey to becoming an ultimate footballer. Members will become JT’s trainees – receiving regular updates and exclusive access to one-on-one football training, dietary tips, exclusive news, and personal highlights from John himself!

Publisher: Infinite360
Web Site:
Release Date: 22 December 2016

Kangaroo Dash


Be prepared to jump your way through some of the most intense fun available in Virtual Reality! By using a physically based movement scheme Kangaroo Dash puts you right in the action. You’ll dodge cars, ride the rapids and be chased by both fish and foe – and everything is controlled by your body! You start off finding yourself stranded in a unknown world that consists of multiple floating islands. In order to survive you will need to visit four different islands, overcome obstacles and avoid deadly traps. Compete with yourself or try to make it to the global high score list!

Publisher: Photon Forge
Web Site:
Release Date: 21 December 2016

Go Shrink Yourself


Go shrink yourself to atomic level in this VR experience. Meet the amazing cat.

Publisher: Mista
Web Site:
Release Date: 20 December 2016

Samsung #BeFearless Fear of Heights – Landscapes


This VR app is designed by Samsung to help you overcome your fear of heights. In this version, you’ll be exposed to three outdoor settings — cliff driving, heli-skiing, and crossing a suspension bridge — with rich 360° visuals. Each environment has multiple difficultly levels to ease you into each scenario. When paired with the Gear S2, your heart rate can also be measured, providing even more information to gauge your progress. You can search for [#BeFearless Tutorial – Fear of Heights] on YouTube for detailed information on how to get started. Fear Ends Where Courage Begins. Samsung Launching People #BeFearless

Publisher: Samsung Electronics
Web Site:
Release Date: 20 December 2016

Rock & Rails


The world of Rock ‘n’ Roll has been silenced, so it’s time to get loud! Take up guitars and basses, and blow up the Silence Beasts with a BAAANG! Ride on rails all over the city, shredding riffs solo or jamming with your friends, and reclaim our city back in the name of Rock! Rock On Rails is a VR rail shooter experience with multiplayer in mind. If you enjoyed, please share your thoughts through @BlackRvrStudios on Twitter, or emailing us at * A WiFi connection is required to play in co-op mode.

Publisher: Black River Studios
Web Site:
Release Date: 21 December 2016

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