Resident Evil 7 Producer Interview With Game Informer

Game Informer has an interview with Resident Evil 7 Producer Masachika Kawata, regarding the various questions about the game, such as the game direction, why is it now a first perspective game, VR integration with the game and more.

Here’s an extract regarding the VR integration for Resident Evil 7.

Do you feel like it’s better to play this game traditionally or in VR?
The core gameplay and content are the same no matter what version you play, and you will still get an immersive, horror experience regardless of which version you play. Playing in VR is an option that can heighten the immersion, so I highly recommend trying it in VR at least once.

This is one of the first triple-A games to hit VR, what have been some of challenges and why did you want to go all-in with VR for this entry?
When we released the Kitchen tech demo at E3 2015, it really proved to us that VR technology melds well with the horror genre and first-person player perspective. Using that experience, we explored different means of utilizing VR and ultimately decided on making the entire game in VR. We have VR as a flexible option though, which allows the player the choice to play as little or as much of the game in VR as they’d like in this mode.

How much has the game being fully compatible with PSVR affected the design?
The core game content is the same. However, we definitely took measures to maximize player comfort when playing in VR. For example, we changed the player’s movement speed. We spent a fair amount of time even at the conceptual stage, trying to figure out how to make things work as best as possible in VR.

Producer Masachika Kawata Spills His Guts About Resident Evil 7