Steam New Release: Happy Drummer VR

Released today on Steam is a new virtual reality title, “Happy Drummer”. This is a rhythm title, whereby the gameplay involves hitting the drums at the exact moment when the incoming neon symbols reaches the drums.

As you maintain your combo, the scenery will become more lively, everything around you, such as the tribesmen, the wild lifes, trees and even rocks will start to dance.

This game is currently in Early Access, which means the content is going to be light for now. The game features only 1 scene, 4 music and 3 difficulties currently, but more contents will be added (including environments, musics), not to mention various improvements.

The game is currently on a 40% launch promotion.

Title: Happy Drummer VR
Genre: Rhythm
Developer: Lusionsoft
Publisher: Lusionsoft
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing/Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page