Steam New Release: The Cabin: VR Escape The Room

Yet another escape-room virtual reality title has hit the Steam store! The Cabin: VR Escape The Room is a HTC Vive title, and just like the other new escape room title “VR: The Puzzle Room” that we covered a moment ago, this title requires room-scale play area.

In this title, player will be crawling through rafters, as they search for hidden clues and objects that will help them escape. This lonely and dark cabin seems to be hiding a secret as well that you will have to uncover.

The Cabin: VR Escape The Room features 4 different rooms that are seamlessly linked together. The title make use of spacial audio that help brings a new level of immersive for the gamer. Besides these, the game also brings about professional voice acting, multiple endings and also high definition textures and graphics, along side custom made soundtrack too.

This game is currently on a 20% launch promotion. Fans of escape-room VR games can also choose to purchase the “VR Escape Bundle” that include this game and “The Gleam: VR Escape The Room“.

Title: The Cabin: VR Escape The Room
Genre: Puzzle, Escape Room
Developer: Blue Entropy Studios
Publisher: Blue Entropy Studios
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page