Behind The Scene Update on Gemdrops “Headbutt Factory”

Japanese game developer Gemdrops will be dropping Headbutt Factory for the Playstation VR globally, at the second half of this month, and as we approaches the release, Gemdrops has decided to start sharing minor updates more frequently on twitter.

Headbutt Factory is an title which the player plays with headbutt action.

In the update so far, the art director of the game Mr Masuda, who shares a concept art which depict the symbols that you will see throughout the game.

Similar looking symbols in the world and game title symbolise the relationship between the inhabitants and the morning sun/spirit.(Masuda)

The developer shared that this is not a game about non-stop head-butting. They said that there will be moments where player can take a breather and gaze everywhere to enjoy the scenery around. The game director (Kitao) went on to describe that the aim of this game is to “get that feeling you get on a ride with a bit of action at a theme park”.

One of the game artists, Mr Ishii has also shared a concept art he did for the game.

From a mysterious door light shines upon the ritual. Your eyes meet the blank eyed one in the center and…nothing happens!!(Artist:Ishii)

The artist describe these stiff-looking inhabitants as being with gentle movements, always looking happy and always doing peculiar things.

This is the updates they have shared so far. We’ll be reporting more as they share more information.