Steam New Release: GoalkeepVR

GoalkeepVR is a newly launched VR sports title on Steam.

Perhaps more of a simulation title, the player takes on the role of a goalie, and he’s to participate in various training-style gameplay. The player will be controlling 2 black cylinders and use them to block the incoming soccer balls. There are various modifiers that the player can use in the options for more unique twist.

According to the trailer, the modifiers are as following: Alternating Hands, Kill Me, Increasing Speed, Shrinking Hands, Two Balls, Endurance, Bullet and Color Matching.

GoalkeepVR also features customizable glove color, the time of the day, soundtrack and difficulty. It also features an online and personal leaderboard for result comparison.

Do take note that this is a room-scale title, so make sure you have enough space before you purchase the game.

Title: GoalkeepVR
Genre: Sports, Action
Developer: DigitalBadger
Publisher: DigitalBadger
VR Support: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Play Area: Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page