Steam New Release: Unknown Pharaoh

Unknown Pharaoh is a new virtual reality that is now available on Steam!

This adventure title take place in a Pyramid chambers. Player takes on the role of an archaeologist, who is tasked to explore the Egyptian pyramid and uncover the secrets that are hiding inside.

This title takes roughly an hour to complete, but it is justified by its low price. Unknown Pharaoh require the player to solve various puzzles, including deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs for clues and discovering artifacts. Unfortunately the intrusion has also awaken the dormant mummies too. You will have to defeat these enemies by torching them with the fire torch (which is an essential tool as it helps illuminate the environment and is needed for puzzle solving too). In addition, the player will also find himself traversing by climbing and scaling across walls and ropes too. Speaking of traversing, this game uses arm swing locomotion.

Of course, the mummies ain’t the only deterrent too. There are spiders, cobras and scorpions that will seek to scare you off, and lets forget the deadly traps that are planted to make sure you think twice before you take any step forward.

This game is developed by 4 Fun Studio and is compatible with Vive.

Title: Unknown Pharaoh
Genre: Puzzle, Exporation, Action
Developer: 4 Fun Studio
Publisher: 4 Fun Studio
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page