Steam New Release: Don’t Feed The Animals – Airplane Party

Early access title for virtual reality “Don’t Feed The Animals – Airplane Party” was just released on Steam fairly recently.

This game is populated with various animal protagonists, like the flamingo “Charles Maximilian Grant” and your giraffe pilot “Frankie”.Your purpose in this game is to destroy the cakes and protect the presents, because apparently cakes isn’t very popular among the animals but everyone likes presents.

Don’t Feed The Animal features an intuitive new flight control of RC style airplanes. You have to drop bombs to blow up cakes in destructible puzzle structures, while trying to avoid hitting the presents that are placed throughout the later levels. Achieve to destroy all the cakes while using as little bombs as possible for scoring purpose.

Currently, this game features 1 environment, 1 pilot/plane, and 18 puzzle levels. More contents will be added to expand the game, such as more levels (90+ estimated), more planes and pilots, more environment and others. All of these are scheduled to be in 4 months later as it graduate to full fledge release.

This game is currently on a 15% discount.

Title: Don’t Feed The Animals – Airplane Party
Genre: Action, Strategy, Casual
Developer: Rogue Earth LLC
Publisher: Rogue Earth LLC
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Seated, Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page