“Summer Lesson” Training DLC Content Releasing on Jan 12 Out

Bandai Namco‘s Summer Lesson for Playstation VR is set to have another DLC on Jan 12. Set to carry a price tag of 1490 yen, the “Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto Day-Out (Additional Experience Pack)” will allow user to take part in outdoor activities with the protagonist.

Summer Lesson is a virtual reality title where the player is tasked to spend a week with a school girl “Hikari Miyamoto” as her tutor, teaching and mentoring her on various subjects. The game was released only in Japan on October 13 2016.

This DLCs add several new experiences.

  • player will be able to go to a shrine on the hill top, where you can enjoy the blue sky and sea scenery. This experience will make you feel as if you were really on an outdoor trip. You can experience a new lesson and new event with Hikari on this place.
  • In addition, the new lesson “Physical Strength Training”, you will be able to experience one new event and the best end ending event. 2 kinds of lessons are randomly generated, and you can also feel a new touch experiences.
  • There are also new situations, such as handling her can drink, fanning her during exercise breaks etc.
  • A new “exercise clothes” costume will also be added, suitable for our female protagonist to sweat herself out for the exercises.
  • When you get the highest ranking (S rank), a special scene will occur at the shrine’s beach.

Check out the screenshots from Famitsu.