“First Impact: Rise of a Hero” Coming Feb 3 to Rift/Vive/OSVR

VR title “First Impact: Rise of a Hero” will be launching on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR and PC starting February 3, 2017!

It is the first VR title where player can play as a superhero, complete with a range of super powers that you can find in comic books, which includes but not limited to: flight, super strength, super speed and teleportation. The unique part of this title is that it uses gesture-based controls to replicate the poses, such as extending the arm to fly, or lifting car over their heads.

It is an open-world action-RPG title, that task the player to discover the cause behind the meteors that are falling towards Earth. The game features an elemental gameplay system consist of the 4 elementals: air, earth, water and fire.

First Impact: Rise of a Hero gives player the capability to defend civilians, investigate phenomena and even throw a car or two, using these powers. The player can also enjoy hours of content to play through thanks to the game’s story and mission structure.

First Impact: Rise of a Hero is under development by Red Meat Games.

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