Steam New Release: Boost

A new sci-fi action sports VR title “Boost” is now up for sale as Early Access. Boost is a frenetic title designed to really get you sweaty with its focus on active play.

Boost plays out like a tennis/pong title, where you have to deflect (by a Luma-shield on one hand) and send an orb-like item flying towards the AI-operated blue panel, to which the blue panel will do the same. As you progress, the travel speed of the orb increases, making the difficulty increasingly harder.

If that doesn’t sound really challenging, the game also spawn mines. These mines will explode and destroy your luma-shield and the orb upon contact which in turns destroy them. Fortunately you have the tele-gloves on your other hand, which allows you to sweep the mines away. In other words, you will find yourself frantically sweeping mines while making sure to not miss the incoming orb at the same time. Needless to say these mines will increase in numbers in the later stages.

Boost is crafted with VR in mind. It features an intuitive physical UI system, along a height calibration to accommodate players of all heights. There are multiple control configurations, with aim assist mode for beginners.

As Early Access title, the developer aims to push out the full version before May 2017. Upcoming features include Asymmetric Multiplayer, online leaderboards, achievements and the option to adjust play space size.

Title: Boost
Genre: Action, Sports
Developer: Parallel Mind LLC
Publisher: Parallel Mind LLC
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page