Studio HG Inked Publishing Deal With YJM Games for “OverTurnVR” & “Smashing The Battle VR”

Both Studio HG and YJM Games has formally announced that they have inked deal regarding “OverTurn”, a VR game currently under development under Studio HG.

According to the announcement, YJM Games will be publishing and releasing the game “OverTurn” globally.


OverTurn is a VR title which fuses adventure elements into an action-based game with enemies, gunfights, swordsmanship confrontation while moving in the VR environment. The unique graphic style is created by Han Dae-Hoon, and it is now one of the most anticipated VR works from Korea.

Smashing The Battle is an earlier title of Studio HG. It is a hack and slash action game which let player take control of two unique heroines, as they take down an army of robots who has taken control of an construction site. The game is now available on Steam, and also on the Samsung Gear VR platform on the Oculus Store. YJM Games will be publishing the HTC Vive version of the title.

It was reported that YJM Games isn’t the only one who has approached Studio HG. YJM Games has been presenting a publishing contract in earnest after Min Yae Jae took charge of the game review at the audition last October.

By signing this contract, it will boost the portfolio for both Studio HG and JYM Games, enabling them to push out and enhance the quality of the games.

In conjunction with the announcement of the publishing deal, they have announced that both Smashing The Battle and OverTurn VR will be released in the first half of 2017.

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