Oculus Rift: January Week 2 2017 Release

Here are the new titles for Oculus Rift’s week 2 of 2017.



Have you ever wanted to destroy a world? How about ten? Twenty? Take control of a pair of hatchling space dragons and blast your way through the cosmos with our innovative move-and-warp system. Devour planets for health, fight against robotic armadas, and destroy the shielded suns that power your enemies. When you’ve done that, tear through the mind-bending warp space to reach vast arrays of new solar systems!

Publisher: 3lbGames
Web Site: http://3lbgames.com/space-dragon

Fat City


Chris Knox is the leader of a crew of former special ops personnel an highly skilled hustlers. Help Chris and his team plan and pull off audacious heists from high-value targets to fill the coffers of a surreptitious crime syndicate in exchange for the life of a loved one.
In this action-puzzler with 60 targets spread throughout the five boroughs of New York City, players will use their cunning and brain power to plan raids and execute getaways to pull in the big bucks in the city that never sleeps. Fat City offers up loads of challenging brainteasers for the thief in us all.

Fat City
Highlights Manage a highly skilled team comprised of a safe-cracker, demolitions expert, hacker, and getaway driver.
Deploy smoke bombs, safe-cracking tools, and other special equipment to ensure a successful heist and escape.
Over 60 jobs/targets spread throughout New York City’s five boroughs. Bonus objective that will clearly separate the notorious master class thief from the small time crook.

Publisher: Heavy Iron Studios
Web Site: http://www.fatcitygame.com/

Dating Lessons


Dating Lessons developed by Cerevrum Inc. is the very first VR dating training course which will give a man the skillset to build a dating life he wishes for. Men are expected to be always strong, confident and charming. But it is not easy at all! How to approach a woman? What to say to interest her? With the help of Magic Leone (www.attractionmethods.com), every man gets a chance to overcome his low-esteem or shyness. 11 lessons and 7 practical interactive sessions will give men tools to enhance their power of attraction and develop behavior patterns to handle stress and anxiety. Following these simple pieces of advice you can change your dating life forever.

We realize that dating is a universal topic which concerns everyone regardless of age, gender, orientation, and citizenship. We are starting with a course for men testing a new format, looking for feedback to see whether such content packaging finds its audience. As a next step, we would like to create a course for women.

Web Site: http://datinglessonsvr.com/