Steam New Release: Street of Sanctuary VR

If you are looking for yet another new action shooter title for VR, Street of Sanctuary VR might be what you are looking for.

Player assume the role of a squad member, who is send to Santuary Street to prevent an insurgent group call the “Futealer” from reaching a crucial science facility called “Neb Lab”. This is not going to be an easy task for seasoned soldiers like you, as the Futealer has experiences in creating hell by attacking various federal facilities.

In this title, you get to move around by a moving method called “remote movement”, seek barricades to hide yourself as you return fire on the enemies. Pickups and strategic points are crucial and helpful for you to achieve your victory, so you are recommended to seek them out and defeat the opposing troops when you play. Voice chat is supported in multi-player games (Cooperate PVE or PVP), which adds an additional layer of realism as well as strategy. You and your team can communicate with each other, asking for assistance, giving instructions on the fly while playing.

To elaborate on the previously mentioned remote movement, in this game, the area which you can move is outlined in green. You just pick a spot, then your character will move to that spot in third person view, before switching back to first person perspective for the action again.

The game is more than just pure shooting, as you will have various mission objectives: from convoy to street fight and even capturing flag in future update.

Title: Street of Sanctuary VR
Genre: Action, Shooter
Developer: MoyeVR
Publisher: MoyeVR
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page