Behind The Scene Update #2 on Gemdrops “Headbutt Factory”

Headbutt Factory will be releasing globally for the Playstation VR exclusively very soon, and the developer Gemdrops has been drip-feeding information about the game via their twitter everyday.

We covered the details in a previous coverage here, but they have since shared even more details. Without further ado, here’s their updates from the past week.

The artist has shared a concept art of some unidentified objects that’s both inorganic and thoughtless. These inhabitants live in the sky high world, and they serves also to protect their living world. The developer has suggested to try headbutting spheres at them to see what will happen.

Concept art of the inhabitants of Headbutt Factory

The programmer of the game, also the (self-proclaimed) “factory manager” is Inubushi. He have shared a screenshot of the game, encouraging the player to go look around and even down below you in this VR game. He said that you might even find some of the inhabitants in impossible places.

Inhabitants are lurking in places waiting for you to discover.

Watanabe is one of the artists working on this title. He’s tasked with the scenery of Headbutt Factory. According to him, since Headbutt Factory is so high up in the sky, it is possible for you to look down at the cloud instead.

Its not everyday you get to see this kind of view.

And it is not just static buildings and clouds. It is a breathing world, and you can also see ‘animals’ flying across the colorful sky.

Are they birds or flying fishes?

Banno, a colleague of Watanabe and also an artist on this game, shared another picture that provides a better look at these ‘animals’.

“An off day in their world…”

Sasaki on the other hand, decided to show off a concept drawings of the game. It seems some of them has underwent drastic changes in the appearance in the game.

A concept art of some items.

The director’s envision for the game is to present a VR experience that uses headbutting in an unique and fun way. This idea was an image that he shared with the core team, and as the game’s release is just around the corner, he’s going to keep the whole ‘point’ of the game a secret.

Another artist of the game, Tsuritani, shared a screenshots that showcase the breakable items in the game.

Apparently you can headbutt spheres and smash these gears


The game Designer “Imai” also talks a little about a stage puzzle that was briefly shown in the promo video. It seems you will have to use your headbutting skill to clear some puzzles. The program director Yoshikawa said that these puzzles and the entire game itself are designed so that you won’t feel sick from playing.

“Skillfully use the blocks to solve the puzzle”.

Honda, yet another artist for the game, shared the following screenshot, and mused about how these inhabitants are comfortable with loving in the openings of these buildings.

Lots of openings on these buildings for these little creatures.

Kodera shared the screenshot below, which shows the ball that I guess you’ll be headbutting. He also asked if some of the characters you see here, looks familiar at all.

Seems like you’ll be seeing this ball a lot.

The next picture is delivered by Yoshikawa, the programmer of the game. He says that you’ll be bumping into these ‘poisonous-looking gatekeepers’, but he didn’t say if they are friends or foes.


The next picture depicts the structures of the Inhabitants. These inorganic guys consist of 3 main parts: crown, head and a leg. He suggest that these parts can get seperated at times, but it is possible to reassemble them even if blown up (maybe).

These guys may also possess a soul too

The crown is what assign the duty and personality to the inhabitants, even if there’s no much going on with their lives in the sky.


One of the other artists of the game shared the next picture, describing it as a floating stage in the sky of the game.

Floating stage in the sky

The next screenshot depicts a gigantic building. The ominous feeling suggest that it might be the area where the big evil is living in.

This building seems dangerous.

And the next screenshot is a random picture taken to showcase how high you can be in the game.

Higher than the clouds.

And that’s all we have from the staffers so far. It seems they will continue to share even more details leading up to the game release (end of January). We’ll have a part 3 of the behind-the-scene summary at a future date.