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Survios Bringing “Raw Data” to VR Arcades

VR wave shooter “Raw Data” is one of the most successful VR titles so far on the PC, and Survios has announced plans to release an arcade-optimized version of it to VR arcades around the world.

Here are the changes that they will be making to the arcade version:

  • Customizable Gameplay Timer
  • Streamlined Player UX
  • Fully Unlocked Quickplay Mode
  • Customizable Match-Based Progression Mode
  • Optimized Multiplayer Matchmaking
  • Improved Loading Times
  • Arcade Operator Console Tools
  • Technical & Marketing Support

“The resurgence of arcades is a welcome development in the virtual reality arena, VR arcades provide an easy entry point for consumers curious about premium VR technology.” – Ben Kim, VP of Business Development Survios

Survios said it will also help other VR devs to enter the arcade market through its own publishing initiative. Arcade operators will receive marketing support from Survios, and Survios will also be adding new games to their arcade partners with the publishing initiative.

“The impact of virtual reality on society became incredibly clear in 2016. From Asia to Europe to North America, we expect VR arcades to be part of that next step in innovation as its presents an amazing opportunity for the public to get a taste of the technology before it becomes common-place in homes everywhere. We’ve been beta-testing this arcade initiative in nearly 30 countries across the globe and plan to take those learnings and expanding the concept’s footprint.” – Survios CEO Nathan Burba

Raw Data is expected to graduate from Early Access in Q1 2017.


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