Steam New Release: VR Amazing Files: Horror Hospital

VR Amazing Files: Horror Hospital is a new horror adventure VR title that’s on Steam right now. Set in an abandoned and creep looking hospital that’s populated with zombies, this game consist of light puzzles as well as some actions, whereby the player will fight against zombies who have populated the hospital.

In this game, the player is tasked to search for the missing research notes to track down No. 0 patient, who holds the key to making the serum for the zombie apocalypse.

Unlike other action titles on VR, player are advised to conserve ammunition when engaging in battle. It is also suggested to be mindful to look around thoroughly as the player play the game, as clues are usually hidden around.

This game is released by Chinese company  Joygo Studio.

Title: VR Amazing Files: Horror Hospital
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Action
Developer: Joygo Studio
Publisher: Joygo Studio
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page