“XING The Land Beyond” Kickstarter Back Beta & Oculus Touch Announcement


XING: The Land Beyond is an upcoming puzzle adventure indie title from White Lotus Interactive, that will be releasing on Vive, Oculus Rift and Playstation VR.

According to its latest blog entry, the Kickstarter Beta Backers for this game will be given access to the playable beta of the game on Steam, in about 6 weeks from now. The devs is looking forward for the feedbacks from the community.

The developer is also being released with Oculus Touch support, in addition to game pad for the Rift. The locomotion options available will be similar to the Vive version.

This game also supports non-VR mode. You can play it on a monitor for PC, or a TV screen for Playstation 4. Speaking of Playstation 4, it will also be launching on Playstation VR with both track controllers and Dual Shock 4 compatibility.

The game will be releasing on PC first, before they work on releasing it for the PS4, while updating the game for the PC at the same time.

XING: The Land Beyond Blog

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