Famitsu Review for Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 is due for release on January 24 for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC very soon, and it will be compatible with Playstation VR at launch. It is a survival horror game by Capcom.

In this game, the player assume the control of a new character “”Ethan Winters”, a civilian who is searching for his missing wife Mia, which leads him to a derelict plantation mansion in the fictional city of Dulvey, home of the Baker family. This game is set about 4 years after the event of Resident Evil 6.

Capcom has released a playable demo “Beginning Hour” on the Playstation VR in June 14 2016 (the demo was released for XBox One on Dec 9 and PC on Dec 19 with no VR). It was also tested under the working demo title “The Kitchen” before the Resident Evil 7 announcement.

Japanese magazine Famitsu has reviewed the game, giving it a review score of 9/9/9/9 (36/40)

They said the following:
– first playthrough is 15 hours
– really illustrate the survival horror feeling, especially when you are getting chased by enemy
– PSVR compatibility is good, and its scary to play in it
– Some parts feels boring due to a little repetitive , but the story flow compensate them
– the quality is there regardless in PS4 or PSVR
– the content is a lacking but the scare level is strong