New Trailer for Playstation VR’s “Unearthing Mars”, Release In Asia Today

Winking Entertainment is releasing Unearthing Mars for Playstation VR today in Asia, and now they have released a new launch trailer for the title. The PS store page is now up as well (scroll to the bottom for it)

Currently the game is on a 20% discount (which runs until 5th Feb), and its file size is 8.9 GB.

This title is developed with Unreal Engine 4. In this action adventure game, humans embark on a space travel mission to Mars for explanation. Little did they know that this planet was once home to an ancient civilization. This game supports Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean languages when it is released.

Mars… mankind’s obsession with its mysterious neighbor is about to be fulfilled.

Carrier-class spacecraft Sentra has arrived in Mars orbit, tasked to retrieve remnants of the missing explorer satellite Phobos. What they will uncover instead are the possible vestiges of an ancient civilization.

Faced with an unexpected sandstorm, you, the Co-Pilot, have decided to continue the mission with the Commander and force a landing onto the Mars surface.

Unearthing Mars is a VR adventure game set on the mysterious Red Planet.

As Co-Pilot of the retrieval team, the player will have the full experience of a space explorer on Mars.
Unearthing Mar provides hours of unique gameplay experiences, ranging from navigating a landing craft through a sandstorm to driving a Mars rover.
From puzzle-solving to first-person shooting, the game will allow players to resolve challenges from a variety of game genres.

This title is also under development for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, according to its official site.

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