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SportsBar VR for Steam Adds Custom Jukebox Audio!

SportsbarVR on Steam has a new update which adds custom jukebox audio! In another words, you will be able to add and listen to any music file you have, within the game!

You can now use and listen to your own .mp3 and .wav files inside of SportsBar VR!

Open the settings->audio menu to switch the jukebox over to play music from the custom audio folder. Just like our default music selection, your audio will come through with fully attenuated and spatialized sound from the Jukebox. Oh and remember, you can always change a song by throwing a beer bottle at the jukebox, just like in real life!

Songs play alphabetically, or you can use the shuffle feature to mix them up!

For users who already have huge .mp3 libraries, we’ll post a tutorial for advanced users on how to use a ‘symbolic link’ to connect the SportsBar VR custom music folder to your existing music library, rather than copying in songs (though copying in songs is still a really good way to create a playlist).

More things!

We’ve also added ‘grab beams’ to your controllers, so if you hold down the trigger you can pick up objects from far away.

With the holiday season over, we’ve removed the deer, santa, and tree decorations, but don’t worry, many festivities lay ahead!

Oh, and we almost forgot! There’s a whole new set of hats to win! They’re wonderful, comfortable to wear, and definitely not gluten free.

We’ll have continued updates and improvements in streaming custom content in-game, as well as some whole new series of major updates.

We’re excited to bring more than ever before to SportsBar VR in 2017. With a front seat watching VR grow this first year, and the post holiday increase in users, we can’t wait to bring SportsBar VR to more and more people, and to make it even better for everyone who already has it!

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