“Kung Fu All-Star” VR Gameplay Video From Taipei Game Show

“Kung Fu All-Star VR” is an action VR title that has been shown to the public for the first time over at Taipei Game Show 2017 via HTC Vive. It is a game that is under development for the HTC Vive by Taiwan company Interserv.

In this title, player will be assuming the role of Bruce Lee as he fight against various human foes in China, including Wong Fei-hung (a legendary real life martial artist been made famous in films by Jet Li), who has been possessed by a female demon. The player is tasked to defeat female demon in order to rescue Wong Fei-hung. It is said that various famous moves of Wong Fei-hung such as the “Shadowless Kick” will be incorporated into the game.

Kung Fu All-Star VR demo features 3 difficulties. In this game, the player has to swing the nunchucks to defeat as many opponents as possible within the time limit. The game will feature global leaderboard when it is released, and the development team is still fine tuning the game. The demo was shown for beta testing purpose as the team gather feedbacks and opinions.

The date is not known yet, and will be releasing on Steam. The demo is also available on PSVR, but the platform is not officially confirmed yet.

The company has released a gameplay video and some pictures, which you can view below.