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Dead or Alive Extreme 3 VR DLC Coming to Japan in Jan 24

Dead or Alive Extreme 3 was announced to have VR functionality for Playstation VR last year, but things has gone quiet after Koei Tecmo delayed the update.

Today they have announced that the patch will be releasing in 24th January, and will be free until 28th. It will cost 1500 yen after the deadline is up.

If on the other hand, you have the F2P version instead, then you will have to cough up 1500 yen for it from day one, as the limited time free-download is only for non f2p version.

The DLC “VR Paradise” allows you to play 3 paradises in virtual reality: Gravure Paradise, Event Paradise, and Photo Paradise. 

These paradises also feature PS4 Pro support, with enhanced visual for Gravture Paradise and Photo Paradise.