Steam New Release: ZombieFight VR

If you ever need another zombie VR shooter, China company Beijing Elysium’s latest VR title “ZombieFight VR” might be the one you are looking for.

ZombieFight VR is as its title suggest, is a title where you’ll be shooting zombies and turf them off your territory. It features a genetic light story of this world being over run by zombies due to a virus.

Unlike many other VR shooters, ZombieFight VR doesn’t seems to feature any locomotion. You are standing your ground and you get to dual wield various weapons to bring them down. There are 3 weapons to choose from: Bow, Handgun and a fully automatic Rifle. You are expected to actually simulate the movement of using the gun, such as slapping the magazines into the weapon to reload.

While the content is limited, the game is going to be expanded in the next half year or so. There are many things in the pipeline

  1. Complete storyline.
  2. More Game maps: hospital, subway, airport, avenue, vehicles.
  3. More Game levels.
  4. More zombies: Fatty, Runner, Crawler, Bomber, Berserker.
  5. More simulation of weapons and props: AK-47, M92, Magnum, Uzy , Spas12, Grenades, C4, Stinger missile, UAV.
  6. Add weapon kits: Tactical Laser, Tactical Light, Muffler, Zoomomatic.
  7. Hang the weapons or props on player body.
  8. Repair damaged fence.
  9. Mutilated system: you can break zombie’s arm or leg.
  10. Multiplayer mode.
  11. Environmental weather effects.

It is currently in Early Access, and carries a 15% launch promotion.

Title: ZombieFight VR
Genre: Action
Developer: Beijing Elysium Interactive Technology
Publisher: Beijing Elysium Interactive Technology
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page