Oculus Shines Light on Superhot VR Forever

Oculus has just shared an update that concerns Superhot VR Forever (which we reported a while ago).

Master New Modes
The Forever update adds hours of gameplay, thanks to multiple new play modes and challenges!

  • • Test your aim where only headshots take out enemies
  • • Race against your best score in bullet time and real-world time
  • • Try to complete the game without shooting
  • • Get hardcore with faster enemies and less reaction time

Perhaps the most insane addition is the 10-minute challenge, where you have—you guessed it—exactly 10 minutes to complete the game. It took the Superhot Team’s best player two days to master the challenge when his co-workers finally found him laid out on the floor.


This is also just a taste of what the update has in store. The update will arrive next month.

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