Behind The Scene Update #3 on Gemdrops “Headbutt Factory”

There’s an avalanche of behind-the-scene information released by Gemdrops daily for their upcoming virtual reality title for the Playstation VR, “Headbutt Factory“, which will be released late January.

We have previously reported some of the older information, concept arts and screenshots in part 1 and part 2 , and now we are here for the part 3 of the update.

Last week, the programmer Inubushi mentioned that the player’s movement is automatic as they progress, and they have avoided designing sudden curves that can easily cause induce discomfort to the player. They have been repeatedly play-testing the game, making absolutely sure that players will not experience any motion sickness.

The artists of the game, Banno and Tsuritani also shared some new screenshots of the inhabitant.

“Another off day in their world looking at something…” – Banno
The inhabitants are traveling on a flying carpet?

Imai shows off the screenshot that showcase a contraption that you can expect to see in the game. This special ball was shown in the promo video.

A contraption in the game.

According to Sasaki, the Inhabitants converse in a weird fictional language in the game. Besides verbal interaction, you can see them simply spacing out or hopping onto pillars like the screenshot below.

Chilling spot for the inhabitants?
A special, menacing looking and not to mention, dangerous ball in the game

There’s also a unique looking inhabitant that you will see in the game. It looks colorful, and it is said that you might get some reward for finding a bunch of these rainbow-colored Inhabitant.

Seems good things will happen if you see these colorful inhabitant

Ishii, one of the staff members working diligently on Headbutt Factory, said that if you headbutt a ball into something, you will see effects which gives it some energy and make it feel even more exhilarating. The type of effects you see is determined by the strength you headbutt the ball.

Some pictures taking in succession to show the effects in the game

According to the game programmer Inubushi, there was an idea of placing rods that would electrically ‘shock’ you if you touch it, but the idea got scrapped.

During the journey, you have this player’s guide who goes by the name of “Hodai”. Hodai stands for “gun battery” in Japanese.

A concept art of Hodai.

In the next screenshot provided by the artist Banno, you will see one of the inhabitants propelling in the air, probably practicing his aerial skills.

Best to keep your distance away from him.
There’s something shining in that beautiful night sky.
No one knows exactly what happened after this was taken.

The staffers are proud about the beautiful yet mysterious scenery in this game. It came as a no surprise, considering how good-looking they are, especially in the night.

The atmosphere also changes at night

The artist of the game, Honda, shared the following screenshot. You can see an inhabitant with a propeller on his head.


According to the programmer, Yoshikawa, the opening of this majestic-looking door shown in the following screenshot, is what commence the story of this game. In other words you will see this door very early of the game.


The staffer also showed a concept art of this flying creatures that you will see pretty often in the game. They look like bird, but they fly perpendicular to the ground. It seems it is a blend of bird and fish for the development team. They also have a development tool for placing this living things in the game. In the tool, the programmer refers to them by ‘fish’.



And that’s all we have for the updates that they released in the past few days. We will have another update once they have revealed more about the games in the future.