Steam New Release: THOSE DAMN ALIENS! VR

VR shooter “THOSE DAMN ALIENS! VR” is basically this wave shooter where you’ll be defending yourself against aliens.

In this game, these extraterritorial lifeforms has overtaken your space ship/research centre by the name of “X34-Zelta”, so you will have to pick up your arsenal to fire at them until they falls. In this game, you are the only inhabitant of the research centre who is researching and creating an antidote to a deadly virus that has been spreading among the human population.

The basic game premise is no different from any other wave shooters in VR: just attack the waves of the enemies with the weapons you are armed with.

THOSE DAMN ALIENS! VR features a campaign and survival modes, with multiple weapon types and an online leaderboard in the future. It is currently in Early Access with close to completion to full game, and has a 20% launch promotion now.

Genre: Adventure, Action, Shooter
Developer: Deceptive Games Ltd
Publisher: Deceptive Games Ltd
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page