“Sairento VR” Adds More Movement Options

Sairento VR is still in Early Access, and it has been getting miscellaneous updates frequently, and the latest one adds quite a significant change to it.

Sairento is a wave shooter that also incorporate melee action. You can take down your foes by cutting them with a blade and/or guns. You possesses various abilities, which includes temporarily time slowdown, as well as aerial (double) jump too.

The latest update 0.1.5 revamps the movement mechanics. You can run around rather than teleporting, and also your movement is now physics based (you can’t float or pass through the environment as you jump now).

The addition of the wall run and ground slide help bring about a brand new dimension to the game.

– Movement arc will now change between a line and an arc to differentiate dash/jumps.
– Added jump physics. Jumping applies a physics force to match the arc’s trajectory. This means that you can jump straight up as well.
– New mechanic : Wall Hop.
When leaping straight at walls, you will hop off them. Hopping off a wall resets your double jump.
– New mechanic : Ground Slide.
Crouch before landing from a jump to convert your falling momentum into a slide.
– New mechanic : Wall Run
When leaping at an acute angle against non-flat surfaces, you will enter a wallrun. You will wallhop after running a set distance, running off the wall, or hitting a corner, whichever comes first.
– Added optional sliding locomotion, bound to non master hand
– Added optional push analog stick to dash/jump for Touch users
– Enemy health increases with map’s challenge rating
– Added Vindicator pistol
– Stinger pistol holo sight replaced with iron sight
– Fixed bug where enemy would still rotate towards you while in death animation.
– Fixed missing colliders in Offices map.


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