“Snailiens” Gameplay Teaser

Upcoming virtual reality  title”Snailiens”for HTC Vive has been sitting on Steam for quite a while, and today, 562 Interactive has revealed a teaser trailer for it.

Snailiens is a tower defense title that will be coming to Early Access very soon, and will be releasing next week. Currently the developer are working on polishing the remaining rouge edges of the game before the deployment.

In this teaser, player can get a glimpse at the Hank’s farm, the very first level for Snailiens, where basically player will learn the ropes of fighting Snailiens, an alien species that resembles snails. It is said by the developers that this game features many ways which you can take down these aliens.

This game features both tower defense and shooter mechanics. Player is tasked to take down the Snailiens, who has been traveling across the universe, searching for some delicious snacks, and they have set their eyes on Earth’s succulent cabbages.

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