STRAFE VR Coming to PC On March 28

STRAFE is scheduled to be out for PC on March 28 2017, according to Devolver Digital. It is a title that made its debut as a kickstarter project way back in 2015.

STRAFE is a fast paced, roguelike first person shooter that is designed for hardcore skilled PC gamers in mind. It is a throwback to gameslike Doom and Quake, and in VR, the player will be able to look around in the virtual world. It is also designed with a retro 90s shooter aesthetic, with procedural generated contents on every load. Player can expect to see vastly different layouts and experiences everytime they die in the game.

This game features 4 unique zones, with 4 levels each. There are over 30 insane and powerful weapons for you to murder those 20+ types of dangerous creatures. Player will be utilizing keyboard/mouse to play this game.

The game will be compatible with both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. You can also wishlist the game now on Steam too.

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