Steam New Release: VRQB

VRQB (short for VR Quarterback) is a brand new, room scale HTC Vive early access title, that serves to allow VR user to imagine what it is like to be a quarterback in a football game, probably the first VR title to do so.

VRQB is the work of After Sunset Games LLC, a new indie company that was set up last year by 3 individuals.

This game contain 2 game modes: Classic and Two Minute Drill.

In Class mode, the player goes down the field, hitting group of three targets that are spread out across the field. You will to clear each set in order to move down the field. The objective is to reach the end zone while increasing their multiplier by hitting consecutive targets.

In Two Minute Drill, the aim is to get as many points as possible within the 2 minutes limit. Player can choose to hit 3 different targets, moving to the location of the target hit. “Players must weigh hitting the closer, reliable targets to build up a streak multiplier, or airing it down the field and going for the big gain.”

The full fledge release is planned for Summer 2017, with additional features and polishing. Some of the potentials features you might see in the game include: Achievements, Global Leaderboards, Unlockables (Skin, Targets etc), Pass Rush, and additional game modes such as Long Pass Accuracy Challenge.

The game is currently on sales with a 10% launch promotion until 4th February.

Title: VRQB
Genre: Casual, Sports
Developer: After Sunset Games LLC
Publisher: After Sunset Games LLC
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page