Playstation VR New Release: DEXED

Dexed has just been released on Playstation VR, which marks the end of January release for the console VR platform.

Developed by Ninja Theory, Dexed is a blend of puzzle and action on-rail shooter that serves as a modern interpretation of the classic on-rail titles. You will be gunning through 4 levels, which then ends with a fight against the octopus boss. The PSVR release also includes the new Arcade and Zen modes too, as well as Playstation move support. 

In this game, 2 elemental attacks are assigned to the controls: fire and ice. You have to hold the trigger on the controller that you want to attack with, and hover across enemies to “tag” them. Releasing the trigger then allows you to shoot the attack at the foes that you have tagged. Needless to say, you should be tagging and attacking ice-based enemies with your fiery move, and fire-based enemies with your ice crystals. Be careful to not tag the wrong enemies though, as there are drawbacks for doing so. Tagging wrongly at the fire enemies and they will retaliate with an attack, “burning” and slowyly depleting your score. The same goes for ice-based enemies, except that your score is temporarily locked, preventing you from increasing it.

This game feature 3 difficulty settings for all levels, (and each last about 5 minutes each) with local and global leaderboard for performance comparison. It is a short and sweet title and you can consider it if you are looking for a filler title.

Dexed is already out on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.