Steam New Release:Racket: NX

Racket: NX is a newly launched arcade space sport title, that emphasize on your physical movement. It is currently launched as Early Access, with plan to release major update every quarter until its full game launch at the end of this year.

In Racket: NX, you will be playing racquet-ball in a 360 environment, sporting classic arcade-style game rules and influences. The arena is set in outer space, and in order to play this game, you will really have to move a lot. You will have to hit the racquet ball at the panels everywhere for scoring purpose.

Racket: NX is said to be the first game that uses Waves’ Nx 3D audio technology. The developer also aims for it to be the first eSport for VR, which means getting the physics tight and precise, and encouraging you to always push the bar for improvement.

This title in its current state, sports an arcade mode for single play and all major game modes, with more gameplay content and music to be added in the future. You can also expect to see unlockable avatar and racket types, competitive features (stats, rank based match making etc), more game modes and also level creation.

Title: Racket: NX
Genre: Action, Sports
Developer: One Hamsa, Waves Audio
Publisher: Keshet International Gaming
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page