Behind The Scene Update #4 on Gemdrops “Headbutt Factory”

If you haven’t been keeping up, the developer of “Headbutt Factory“, a Playstation VR title that will be releasing in Feb (it was originally scheduled for release in late Jan), has been drip feeding behind-the-scene information regarding the title everyday via twitter.

Headbutt Factory is an action adventure title where player plays by heading the ball into the various subjects in the game. It will be releasing digitally on the Playstation platform.

We have been collecting and consolidating the new information every few days, and published them via several updates ourselves. If you want, you can check out the previous updates here:

And here’s part 4 of the update, which recap the information they have revealed over the past week.

The developer has been raving about the background scenery of the game, especially the majestic-looking tower structures. As a virtual reality title, you can check them out by turning your head in any angle.

The developers are definitely proud of the scenery here

As for the release status, final checks for the game has been completed, and they will announce a release date once the game has passed inspection and has been approved.

This game will be releasing globally, and the developers has to come up with logos for both the Japanese and Western version of the title.

According to them, this is what you see when you use ‘specialized tools’ to look into the world of the title.


Gemdrops has also dropped a new trailer for the title.

In this game, Gemdrops suggest that you will be able to open secret paths by making ‘contact’ with some other structure. I am guessing they are hinting that you can find hidden areas by headbutting the ball at some targets on the structures.


According to them, these inhabitants are not just mindless living beings. They have their own living customs too. In the next screen shots, you can see them dancing around a tall inhabitant, that looks like some kind of ceremony or a ritual proceeding.

Some kind of ceremony or ritual?

The artist of the game (Banno) shared the following screenshot, depicting the tall inhabitant from the picture above, with a shorter inhabitant on a structure, under the starry night sky.

Inhabitants enjoying their off day chatting under the night sky.

The following image was shared, and it shows these city dwellings popping out of their apartment-like building. It seems something has happened that caused these guys to come out.


The next picture is well, an early WIP picture of the game. This screenshot doesn’t have any buildings in place yet, but you can see some early blocking in process, and those inhabitants are already in their position. They were using a level editor to work out how the stages will look.


This game seems to be heavily populated with these inhabitants. They will even pop out in least expected places.

It feels like they are watching your every moves.

In the next screenshot, you can see these inhabitants that seems to be traveling on some platform. Unfortunately we can’t tell for sure since its a still picture.

Are those police officers on some of those platforms?

You will also encounter a specific odd-shaped inhabitant in the game that looks very different from his fellow inhabitants. According to the developer, this guy can’t stop himself from munching on balls.


Inhabitants are gathering for something?

Here’s a typical look at a sunny day in the game. You can spot a huge door in the background.


The ball which you headbutted and missed everything will paint a smooth arc as its flies to the sky, turning into one of the countless stars that illuminate the dark night.

Speaking of dark night, Gemdrops’ next screenshot of 2 inhabitants look rather romantic.

Do these inhabitants has feelings too?

In this game, you will also see various characters engraved into the pillars along the paths. These characters are specifically hand drawn by the game director himself.


These big soap bubbles serve as a transportation method in the game. They looks fun, but just don’t let them pop before they reach the destination.

These bubbles look rather dreamy.

The developer also shared a concept art that merges the drill guy with the munching ball inhabitant. You won’t see him in the game like this, but the concept was used for another inhabitant that will be making an appearance.



This looks like some sort of assembly ground.

According to the developer, if you headbutt a ball their way, sometimes they will bounce it back to you, and sometimes they won’t.

And that’s all we have for the updates that they released in the past few days. We will have another update once they have revealed more about the games in the future.