“Unruly Ghouls” Free Content Pack is Out

Machete Games‘ Unruly Ghouls is a fun arcade style, defense shooter title that sets in a cute yet beautiful spooky environment. You can gun down various cartoon-looking and colorful ghouls in this shooter title with your anti-ghoul inventions.

This title was released way back in October, and just recently, they have a new content pack which beefs up the content of the game.

Unwrapping this content packs and you can find various additions in the form of 2 new maps, 2 new power ups, a new ghoul and an all new trophy system.

“Ghoul Yard” and “Netherrealm” are the 2 new environments that you can see after you have downloaded the free content pack. “Ghoul Yard” is set in a decaying graveyard, so expect lots of tombstones, decayed trees and ancient mausoleums. The second new map, “Netherrealm” is the home turf of the Ghouls. These 2 new maps provide higher challenge and even higher scores. The attack speed from those Ghouls are faster on each level and generate more points as well.

The all new trophy system grades you with various tiers of trophies. Depending on your performance, you can unlock Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies.

2 new “Spectral Orb” are added to aid you with the new challenges. The “Time Shift Orb” slows down time, allowing you to bring down these undead foes, while the other “Ghoul Bomb Orb”, as its name implies, sets off an explosion that inflicts damage to all minions and Ghouls.

“Kid Bruiser” is the name of the Ghoul that comes with this update, which is really the little brother of the “King Bruiser”. It is a tanky ghoul that spawns 2 fast minion ghouls each attack. You might want to make use of the 2 new orbs to take these ghouls down.

There are also other new minor enhancements and fine tunings here and there in the game. Oculus Touch support for Steam users has been added, as well as a pointer to the blaster in post game state, allowing you to enter your initials after a battle.

Check out the Steam Announcement for the full details.

Steam Announcement