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“Hellgate London VR” Coming to PC, End 2017/Early 2018 Release, New Screenshots

HanbitSoft has just announced today that they have completed the first non-public testing for “Hellgate London VR”, a virtual reality title that is developed with the “Hellgate” IP.

The original Hellgate London was developed by Flagship, and was released way back in October 2007. Flagship Studios filed bankruptcy in 2008, and then Korean game company HanbitSoft acquired properties to the game and released a F2P “Hellgate London: Resurrection” in South Korea, as well as “Hellgate Global”.

“Hellgate London VR” is the VR prequel of the action RPG “Hellgate London”, released back in October 2007. It was first announced for the Playstation VR few months ago, but now they have referred the release as “console / PC VR” in the press release, indicating that the Rift/Vive version is in the work as well.

The story of this VR title revolves around Jessica Summerisle (from the original Hellgate London) who escaped from the devil’s threat and is growing into a powerful Templar commander, the resistance group against the demons.

This game will feature realistic top-notch graphics thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 4. HanbitSoft is aiming to use that graphic to help immerse gamers in the game with virtual reality.  They conducted the first testing with about 30 users, and the test focuses on the production technology review and basic content experience of the game.

At the moment, HanbitSoft is aiming to releasing it somewhere at the end of this year, or early next year.

Check out the new batch of screenshots that they have distributed along with the announcement.