“Tribocalypse VR” Exits Early Access, Now a Full Game

Tribocalypse VR is an archery defense-tower VR title for the Vive, that was released as an Early Access title on Steam for about 6 months ago. The developers (Totemic Entertainment Ltd) has been working on improving and expanding the game since then, and today, the game hits a major milestone as it exits Early Access status and graduates into a full fledge release!

The milestone is marked by an update, that adds several contents:

  • Innovative mechanic of protecting a totem from thieves.
  • Three uniquely styled levels + a tutorial level.
  • Exciting weapons like the bow, spear and bombs.
  • Fire and teleportation magic.
  • Different enemy tribol weapons: axes, shields, bows.
  • Flying bird enemies challenging the player.
  • Boss enemy Necros with special attacks and summons.

In this game, the player assume the role of a tribol, who has to defend his totem from rival tribols (who now carry new weapons by the update) via bow and explosive fire flasks, and several other new weapons.

The game supports HTC Vive and carries a 29% discount to celebrate the milestone.

Steam Link