Rock Band VR Launching March 23rd on Rift,Preorder Open

The virtual reality version of Rock Band for Oculus Rift, is going to be releasing on March 23rd!

Harmonix has launched a preorder listing on Amazon, that consist of the game and the Stratocaster wireless Guitar controller bundle for the Rift. The Guitar controller can also be used for Rock Band 4 either on the XBox One or the PS4. The bundle will cost $69.99, with limited quantities for the stock.

Included in your Oculus Touch box is a Rock Band VR connector. With this connector you can bring your Rock Band guitar controller into virtual reality with the help of your Touch controllers. To attach your Rock Band VR connector, remove the plastic film from the bottom and line up the connector with the inserts on the head of the guitar controller. Starting with the lanyard, insert the right touch controller into the connector and push it firmly into place. Finally, secure the lanyard around the head

Rock Band VR features the classic mode that is pretty similar to the console versions. This mode simulate the note-for-note experience of a studio recording, and it lets you feel like you are actually performing in front of a sold-out crowds. There is a dedicated leaderboard in this mode to record your finest result.

According to the Lead Composer/Sound Designer Steve Pardo, the “Rift’s integrated audio has done a phenomenal job of spatializing the sounds around you for a legit onstage experience.” If you teleport around the stage, the audio mix feed will actually shifts to accommodate your new position, which adds an extra layer of immersion.

The game is going to feature over 50 songs, with new DLC to keep things fresh as well.

The Oculus blog has got a new entry with new screenshots and a trailer too! Check them out below.