Ivanovich Games Has a VR Games Bundle on Steam

Ivanovich Games has been making mobile titles for a long time, and recently, they have dipped their toes into creating virtual reality titles on Steam.

The video game company has released 3 virtual reality titles on Steam so far: “Perfect Angle VR – Zen Edition”, “Final Goalie: Football Simulator” and “Off-Road Paradise: Trial 4×4”.

Today, Ivanovich Games has announced that they are offering these 3 virtual reality titles as a singular bundle! The bundle is currently available on Steam at a special price of 30% off.

Off-Road Paradise is a title that allows you to drive a customizable 4×4 on various extreme environments that are designed to test the limit of the vehicles. It features a story mode with more than 100 levels and also a level editor, so you can create a level and then play it in the game.

In Final Goalie: Football Simulation, it puts the player in the shoes of a goal keeper. Final Goalie features an impressive level of realism graphic and player movement. There are 150 levels in this title where you face the best teams in the world, or you can choose to play a quick game in the arcade mode. One neat thing about this title that seperate it from the rest is the ability to play against mobile player, where the mobile player will be flicking the ball on their smartphone, while you as the VR player has to catch the ball in VR.

Perfect Angle VR – Zen Edition is a puzzle title, where you have to rotate the view to align the pieces until they match up and forms an item. There are over 70 puzzle levels, and 2 game modes: Room Scale or seated game play mode.

All of these titles support the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Off-Road Paradise: Trial 4×4 and Perfect Angle VR – Zen Edition are both compatible for use on the OSVR too.

You can purchase the title at the link below.

Steam Link