“EVE: Valkyrie” 4th Free Update Coming Feb 15

EVE: Valkyrie 4th free update “Wormhole” is arriving on Feb 15, according to its developer.

The update will brings about

  • a new game mode (Wormhole)
  • a new game feature (Valkyrie League)
  • HOTAS support for Playstation
  • features improvement (Com Alerts, Post Match Flow, New Player Experience & Pilot Training, New Drones, New Target Recticules for Heavy Class & Support Class, Clone VAT Pilot Feed, Multiplayer Combat Menu and Ship Target Brackets
  • Cathedral map improvements
  • Map rotation
  • XP Balancing (Reduction in mid to high level progression)
  • Ship Balancing

For the full details on the update, check out their blog entry here.

Eve Valkyrie Official Site