Steam New Release: MonkeyKing VR

MonkeyKingVR is a virtual reality title that centers around the Chinese folklore tale, “Journey To the West”, and is also the pioneer title of Gene Games Technology.

MonkeyKingVR is a tower defense game, where the player must move the Guardians around the platforms to defend against the invasion of the monsters, who has started spawning out of the magic portals. The monsters arrive in waves, and there are a total of 20 waves, with a 5 second intervals. Moving the Guardians around during battle, consumes Crystal Points, but if you move them during the waves interval, the crystal points isn’t consumed.

Defeating monsters drop Crystal Points, and you have to catch them before they disappear. If the monster reaches the inhibitor, a health is deducted. Your aim is to last through all 20 waves without losing your 6 inhabitor lives.

Title: MonkeyKing VR
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Gene Games Technology
Publisher: Gene Games Technology
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page