“Blue Effect VR” Exits Early Access on Steam

Blue Effect VR is no longer an Early Access title on Steam, as it has its feet planted in the full release territory.

Blue Effect is an atmospheric sci-fi wave shooter build specifically for VR. It combines eerie atmosphere of the extraterrestrial world occupied with biomechanical horrors.

The change of status to a full fledged title signifies an update to the game that brings about new features.

Railroad Level

A fast paced action level which take place on a moving train, while the aliens soar to hunt and kill you.



Raptor Inbound

The new level is infested with this breed of angry alien lizard. Attempt your best to blast them down before they can touch you!



Hide & Seek in the Lab

Local PvP mode is up for you to face off against your buddy. You have got a trusty Orb to lighten the dark corners and spot the alien before it gets you!



Summon a friendly Drone

Attacking player can from now on summon a friendly drone!

 “We are aiming to use this experience to keep delivering top of the line products in years to come and we have our community to thank for that.” – Daniel Jerman, marketing manager at DiVR Labs.

Steam Announcement

Title: Blue Effect
Genre: Horror, Action, Survival
Developer: DIVR Labs
Publisher: DIVR Labs
VR Support: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page