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“Rec Room” Gets Major Update

Rec Room has got a rather major update today, that features a brand new game mode: The Quest for the Golden Trophy.The new game mode: The Quest for the Golden Trophy, is a co-op dungeon crawler that take place inside of Rec Room. The theatre kids has put up a show: The evil goblin king has stolen the Coach’s Golden Trophy, and you and your fellow VR friends have to embark on a quest to recover it.This Quest leads to various new features, such as Swords, Shields, Bow weapons, enemies with AI and more. To play this game mode, you have to find the door to the Theater Dept. in the locker room, or alternatively select it in your watch menu. In addition, there are various new Quest-themed avatar items as well. 2 brand new outfits that can only be unlocked by completing the quest itself.There are other minor updates here and there along with this new quest. Check out the change log below:

  • The return of Leaderboards. This time cross-platform! In this release they are only for paintball, but we’ve done a lot of backend work that should make it easy to add them to other activities. Let us know where you want them next, and how we can make them better. The two-week leaderboards reset immediately every two weeks at midnight on Sunday PST (that’s 8AM Monday GMT).
  • Fixed a bunch of collision geometry in Disc Golf. Should lose your disc less often now! And if you do, there’s a new Hazard Button (check the Play menu in your watch) that will bring your disc back for you.
  • A big overhaul to our moderation features. We realized that “ghost mode” wasn’t really cutting it, and went back to the drawing board. This update replaces ghost mode with the Ignore Bubble. With Ignore Bubble on, any player (including objects they are holding) simply fade from view when they get too close.
  • Ignore Bubble[/b] can be controlled in Experience Settings (check your watch). It defaults to small (which fades out very close stuff, but doesn’t impact gestures like fist bump or high five). You can make it larger, or turn it off entirely.
  • One really nice thing about Ignore Bubble is that it’s completely consistent across the entire game. It works in Charades, Paintball, etc.
  • Many thanks to the players who contributed ideas and feedback on moderation to help with the design of this!
  • We’ve also merged Report and Vote to Kick functions. The Report button now does both. You can still specify a reason, and we’ve done a bunch of work on our backend to make our tracking and response better. We are far from done with this, and we very much appreciate your patient and feedback as we learn and make improvements here.
  • New Streamer Cam – this is intended for those of you who like to stream your Rec Room sessions. Turn it on in Advanced Settings (check your watch), and it will create a follow cam that outputs to your display mirror.
  • There’s now a Recent Players List in the watch menu. Forgot to friend someone you had fun with before they left? Now you can do it after the fact =]
  • Your teleport laser now bounces off other player’s teleport bubbles.
  • We did some backend optimizations that make your watch menu much more responsive. It now updates in realtime in lots of situations where it didn’t before!
  • Spectators are now teleported back to the start area at the end of a game.
  • Removed “lock highlight” effect from paintball
  • Ooh this is a cool one: You can now see your own shadow! You didn’t used to be able to see your own torso shadow, which was lame. Now you can. I think this means winter will last another two weeks or something?
  • Lots of little bug fixes and improvements: Fixed a bug where you could spawn without gun in charades, paintball grenades will blow up in your hand again, lots of other little things. No doubt we added a bunch of new bugs too =]
  • Lastly, and this is BY FAR THE MOST IMPORTANT: Ping pong ball in dorm room no longer automatically cleans itself up while you’re bouncing it on the ping pong paddle. I’m sure that when they start Rec Room everyone, like me, spends five minutes In the Dorm Room seeing how many times you can bounce the ping pong ball on the paddle. Right?

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