“SYREN” Final Teaser Video

Hammerhead VR is set to release their VR survival horror title “Syren” across a range of virtual reality headsets soon.

This title take place within a fully underwater research facility where a bunch of scientists has been conducting experiments to recreate the lost species of the “Syren”, the mystical inhabitants that once exist in the ruins below the facility itself.

You wakes up not knowing what happened. You noticed that the laboratory around you are in ruined, corpses of scientists everywhere, and the facility itself is threatening to crack and fall apart under the immerse pressure of the sea. It is a race against time, as you seek to escape from the facility with the station reactor about to go critical, but you soon realize that you are not alone. Some of the Syren experiments has gotten loose, and they are not really fond of the idea of any survivor out of the facility, after the tortures they have gone through.

In Syren, you will have to solve puzzles to progress the game, while remaining alert for the deadly Syrens who are lurking everywhere.

The game will be releasing on 15 February 2017 on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It will be coming to PSVR in March. Hammerhead VR has just released a new and final teaser trailer which you can view below.