“Radial-G: Infinity-X” Early WIP Screenshot, Releasing Soon

Tammeka Games, an UK-based VR company that was formed back in January 2014, launched a kickstarter for VR racing title “Radial-G Racing Revolved”,  that was inspired by the F-Zero and Wipeout series. The title then eventually landed on Steam Greenlight, followed by an Early Access launch in November 2014.

While the team continues to work on the Early Access title since then, at the same time they also released a spinoff, mobile VR title “Radial-G: Infinity” on Android for the Google Cardboard VR on May 2015.

After the release of Radial-G: Infinity, Temmeka Games went on to continue updating Radial-G Racing Revolved on Steam Early Access, and then announced an enhanced port of Radial-G: Infinity (titled “Radial-G: Infinity X”) for the Samsung Gear VR in November 2015.

Radial-G Racing Revolved was eventually released as a full release on Oculus Store and Steam for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR support in May 2016, roughly 1 year after Radial-G Infinity, with the PSVR version soon to due somewhere in 2017.

Radial-G: Infinity X on the other hand, despite being announced in November 2015, is not dead though. Temmeka Games has today revealed a new WIP screenshot for the title. You can check out the screenshot below.


While there is no announced date yet, Temmeka Games stated that the Gear VR title will be releasing “soon”.