“Smashbox Arena” Adds New Sniper Mode and New Map, Now on 50% Off


VR team-based multiplayer shooter title “Smashbox Arena” is getting a new update, that delivers a brand new map, as well as a new sniper mode. These 2 new contents are already up for download on Steam now.

New Map “Watcher”

The new map “Watcher” is described as the ‘child of the Catwalk map’. The WATCHER is an arena set within the confined space surrounded by stone hedges that are packed against each others.

The space itself, as you can see, is populated with stone hedges which you can use as covers.

The developers suggest playing this new map with the Sniper mode for some ultra fast twitchy rounds.


Sniper Mode

A brand new Sniper mode is also added. In this mode, all of the players will play using a sniper. All of he weapons become Sniperballs, with a few Shield drops. You will be obliterating your opponents from afar, sniping them down behind covers. This game mode is deliver via the new Smashbox Labs, where they will introduce a series of new, experimental game modes. According to the developers, this Sniper mode will brings another layer of gameplay to the game, and all the maps will feel brand new again.


This game from BigBox VR is alreayd out now for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam, and is currently on a 50% off. You can get the game here.

Steam Page

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