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Behind The Scene Update #5 on Gemdrops “Headbutt Factory”

Gemdrops has been continuing their daily info drip on their upcoming virtual reality title, “Headbutt Factory” for the Playstation VR. We have been consolidating their feeds every week or so into a series of “Behind The Scene” look update, and here’s the latest, 5th in the series. If you will like to check out the previous updates, you can do so via the following links.


Headbutt Factory is a VR game that can be played without the controller. In this game, player will be headbutting balls to solve puzzle and maybe engage in battle to progress the game. Headbutt Factory will be releasing digitally in Japan on 17 February , and March in non-Japan regions (Asia, North America, Europe).

Now, lets review the latest information that we have received, since the part 4 update of the game.

In this shot of the inhabitants gathering together at some sort of assembly, the game artist (Sasaki) pointed out there’s one particular inhabitant standing firm in front of the gigantic door. According to them, headbutting a ball at their way, may result in them bouncing it back to you but sometimes they won’t.


Inubushi revealed that when they started development, they tried to incorporate jumping element into the game. While the jumping up moment feels great, they feel sick when they falls from the jump (though Inubushi feels personally himself that the idea of being in midair itself could work).

Masuda revealed that there are illegible messages engraved on the midsection of these inhabitants, and deciphering is needed to decode the messages.c3u6gznumaamqam

On Setsubun (which marks the beginning of spring season in Japan), Gemdrops introduces us to this drill-head inhabitant in black and yellow stripes that you might want to blast a ball at.


You can find this type of inhabitants in numerous places, including these platforms.


You can also find this particular, metal-typed inhabitant. This stout looking inhabitant seems pretty happy for some reason.


This particular picture depicts the special effect in the game, when you impact something with a special ball that can only be found in a specific stage in the game. Ishii teased that this particular stage is going to be extremely hectic, and it will make that exhilarating feeling you get from the effects even stronger.


This rather majestic looking doors is implied to be pretty important, and the developer hints that it could be leading to somewhere dangerous.


In this screen grab, you can notice that there are 2 police officer-type of inhabitants, interrogating someone on the right side of the picture, while at the same time, 2 inhabitants on the left seems to be engaging in some battle.


Banno shared the following concept art. According to him, it seems there was a plan for this armored inhabitant and the sword inhabitant to be some sort of a rival pair.

They’re probably roaming around this world somewhere, just not making an appearance in the game…perhaps.

In the following screenshot, you can see these guys lining up for something. Gemdrops said that they are lining up for a flu shot, though seriously we doubt that’s really the case.

And that’s all we have for the update this time!