Gear VR: February 2017 Week 2 Release

The week 2 of February for Gear VR consist of 7 paid apps and 2 free apps.

Monzo VR


Monzo VR is the premiere model builder for Gear VR. Want to build a car? A WWII plane? How about a Da Vinci Paddle Boat? Each model has been finely crafted so that you can build them up piece by piece in full Virtual Reality. Discover how these complex machines work. Examine your model from every angle and see how they function. Build what Da Vinci built; learn how a WWII tank works. Bring all the pieces together, and marvel at the stunning model. Once you’ve built your model, make it your own with paint and decals. You can aim to replicate the real thing, but why not have a little fun? The limit is only your creativity. But the modeling doesn’t end at machines and inventions from years past. You can build your own Pirate Ship, Space-station, even dinosaurs. Who doesn’t want to create T-Rex? What are you waiting for? Settle back, turn on music and enjoy a relaxing activity in beautiful environments. Have a zen-like experience in a Dojo, or just relax in an apartment above the city.

Publisher: Madfinger Games a.s.
Web Site:
Release Date: 8 February 2017

X-treme Snowboard


Are you ready for extreme ride? Increase speed riding nearby trees and use jumps. You also have to be accurate in shooting gifts to the chimneys. Compete with your friends to collect the most points. Virtual reality snowboard game based on infinity runner mechanism. The player moves to snowboarding, avoids obstacles and shoots gifts to the chimneys.

Publisher: 1CONNECT
Web Site:
Release Date: 8 February 2017

Alien Attack


Creaking and cracking motley crowds! Alien invaders rush in! The Earth Defender runs through the desert, beach, town…… destroying the alien legion and their plan of invasion.

Light and lively cartoon style with unique scenes and monsters!

Exciting and exhilarating missions that allow you to make use of various firearms!

Simple and easy to operate, enjoy the thrill as a sharpshooter!

Immersive shooting and a moving experience!

Publisher: Chesstar Studios
Web Site:
Release Date: 8 February 2017

Galaxy Miner


Life in space is hard and you chose one of the hardest ways to have a job, to be a galaxy miner!

Your job is to navigate your spaceship to the most dangerous asteroid fields in the galaxy, destroy the rock giants and collect their debris to recycle them to earn extra bucks.

Your first missions will be with the standard ship of the Space Miner Corporation, equipped with an old space machinegun, but with each mission you will gain experience and you will be able to unlock different weapons for your ship.

Start as a rookie miner until you get the best ship of the corporation. Destroy asteroids with the plasma gun or the amazing lightning gun. Enjoy Space Miner!

Web Site:
Release Date: 8 February 2017

Zombie Gunner


Global Archiact Jam 6 Winner!

Choose your level such as Motel Parking Lot. Choose your character; will you be the farmer or the escaped convict? Choose your weapon; go for the shotgun for multiple kills at once! How long will you last with more and more zombies coming for you?

Publisher: Mobile Mischief
Web Site:
Release Date: 8 February 2017

Hello Captain – a Short Pirate Story



Hello Captain is VR short story about being a pirate captain. Command your simple crew and have fun at the sea.

Handsfree experience: Use only your gaze to control the actions in the game.

Do you know Game Jams? ‘Hello Captain’ got its start at Global Game Jam 2017.

If you liked this game, we have published two other VR short stories: Feast VR,
Go Shrink Yourself

Publisher: Slothmachine
Web Site:
Release Date: 8 February 2017



Observe the earth from outer space. These are stunning artistic renditions of our planet built from real satellite imagery. Currently features these regions: North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia and the Middle East Also includes these special views: Europe at Night, North America at Night, On the Moon and Deep Space.

Publisher: Stefan Pratter
Web Site:
Release Date: 8 February 2017

Ancient Worlds in VR


The Lithodomos VR demo app allows you to experience high resolution, 360 degree stereoscopic photographic representations of an ancient cityscapes from a given point of view. This is an extremely comfortable ‘plug and play’ experience that is ideal for on-site tours and artefact context creation in museums. You can also experience a journey through an ancient site with our 360 degree stereoscopic high resolution 3D reconstruction video of ancient environments. With music, audio narrative and a variety of scenes, this experience will leave you spellbound. Lithodomos VR is ideal as an introduction to an on site tour, for a virtual reality space in a museum or classroom or to experience the story of an artefact or place from the classroom or home.

Publisher: ARE
Web Site:
Release Date: 8 February 2017

BeefeaterXO VR


Have you ever thought what’s inside the mind of Dabiz Muñoz? Would you like to experience dreamlike from your seat? Immerse yourself into the Odyssey of Dabiz Muñoz with virtual reality.

Sail across the sky in a boat that goes to Bangkok.
Join a fight between cyclops in a hidden Muay Thai ring. Scream, yell, SHOUT!
Turn into a slave or a pig. Follow Circe, the witch. Or not.
Can your hear the mermaids’ song? Do you dare going towards them?

Everything shakes around you.
Get ready to visit the cities that inspired Dabiz Muñoz to create the best cocktails for Beefeater.
Do you dare, mortal?

Publisher: Future Lighthouse
Web Site:
Release Date: 8 February 2017