Steam New Release: Sky Santuary

Sky Santuary for HTC Vive is a newly launched VR title from indie game developer Glitchr Studio, which is based in Bordeaux.

The simulation game is set in a peaceful sky santuary, where you will learn the secret art of Zen, as you participate in various trainings, from Archery to Katana moves, throwing arts and more, under the guiding eyes of Delios-Sensei, a robot companion. If you are feeling lazy, you can also take a stroll around the 4 islands to soak in the beautiful scenery as you rest from the training.

The developer states that there is a variety of weapons that you will be mastering here. At the moment, there are 2 main weapons (Japanese bow and katana) and a range of secondary weapons (Smoke Bombs, Flame-thrower etc). There’s also a leaderboard (where you can compete with your VR friends all around the world), and Kyudo with 3 game modes.

This title is currently in Early Access, with more contents to come:

  • Add new game modes for existing activities
  • Add at least 2 new activity zones / islands
  • Add new weapons to play with (Crossbow, Kunai, Boomerang and other original weapons like a magic chakram thrower for instance)
  • Fix shadows (due to Unity 5.X mixed mode lighting, we need to wait for the 5.6 version to have clean blended shadows between dynamic and static ones)
  • Improve the environment, bring more life to it (lighting, particles, wildlife)
  • Enhance player experience by adding more interactions with the environment (Robot behaviour, interactable objects, easter eggs…)
  • Implement a reward system based on leaderboard results with competitive seasons

Title: Sky Santuary
Genre: Action
Developer: Glitchr Studio
Publisher: Glitchr Studio
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing, Room-Scale
Link: Steam Page