“Special Delivery VR” Gets VirZoom & Gamepad Support

Meerkat Gaming‘s “Special Delivery VR” for Vive and Rift has a new update that adds VirZoom/Gamepad compatibility to the game!

Special Delivery is a title where you play as a paperboy who is responsible for delivery the newspaper. It is done so by riding your bicycle along the neighborhood, as you throw the papers into the subscribers’ houses. There are various obstacles that you will have to dodge while you perform your jobs, such as cars, tornadoes, grannies and more.

Special Delivery VR and VirZoom is a perfect fit, and having VirZoom adds another layer of realism to the game, as the update allow the gamers to get up from the seat to the VR exercise bike. VirZoom (which is sold separately of course) allows you to cycle on an actual bike, which simulates cycling inside the VR game for better simulation.

If you do not have a VirZoom however, you can choose to use the motion controller as always, or you can choose to use the Gamepad now as well.

The update is out now on Steam.

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